Investing in teachers through education and mentorship are effective ways to create more impactful educators and retain talent. EDPOWER’s self-paced courses and workshops make both easier.

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EDPOWER offers two unique types of online, self-paced continuing education courses for teacher salary advancement and recertification. These self-paced online courses and online workshops enable schools and districts to more easily and cost-effectively invest in their teachers so that they can become more impactful teachers, faster. Our self-paced continuing education courses help educators to meer their teacher salary advancement and recertification requirements. Courses are reviewed and offered in partnership with regionally-accredited universities for graduate-level semester hours of credit and CEU/professional development hours (or their equivalent).


Our self-paced online courses begin at the start of each semester. In addition to learning new research-proven strategies and approaches, participants will reflect on their current teaching practice, apply what they learn through actionable learning projects, and have the opportunity to collaborate with other participants.


Our online workshops give educators a safe, risk-free space to uncover what is working in their current practice, what is not, and how they can improve. Each workshop incorporates engaging materials, peer collaboration, and personalized feedback from coaches and participants. They also provide each participant the opportunity to be part of a professional learning network of all workshop alumni for continued collaboration and support.



EDPOWER’S online workshops are changing online teacher professional development. More similar to a college course, but designed with the modern teacher in mind, our online, peer-to-peer workshops support teachers’ daily work, challenge them to improve, and help them improve their craft. Each workshop is more than course, it’s an experience.


More personalized than a textbook, safer than real-world testing, and proven to work. Our 90 day, SDT-aligned professional development workshops help new(ish) educators more confidently navigate the challenges of teaching, and settle into their practice. The online workshops are easily accessible (available on mobile and desktop), flexible (self-paced), collaborative (peer-to-peer), and supportive of each teacher’s unique needs and situation (personalized).


Designed specifically for new Gen Z and Millennial Teachers, the workshops utilize technology to create a supportive peer-to-peer learning experience. Participants will collaborate and receive support from a generous group of other new(ish) teachers from around the US going in the same direction. They will receive and provide personalized feedback, have 24/7 access to the community through our discussion board, and can join optional peer video chats.


Teaching is really hard, and each teacher needs all of the support they can get. In addition, to being part of a generous community of new educators, every participant will have a dedicated coach with an average 10+ years of classroom teaching experience to guide, challenge, and help them stretch (20:1 Student to Teacher Ratio). Coaches provide personalized feedback, are available daily to support their progress, and hold weekly moderated office hours

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“EDPOWER has the immediate potential to serve as an impact resource for educators.”

– Dr. Lozeau, 40+ Year Educator and Founder of GPA+ Soultions


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