Here are some common questions about EDPOWER.
What are EDPOWER online courses and workshops?
EDPOWER offers two unique types of self-paced continuing education courses for teacher salary advancement and recertification. Our self-paced courses are offered each semester and are designed to help teachers learn new research-proven strategies, reflect on their current teaching practice, apply what they learn, and give participants the opportunity to collaborate with others taking the course. Participants will have up to 6 months to complete each course. Our online workshops are self-paced, personalized learning experiences designed to help teachers get the skills, strategies, support, and mentorship they need to do their best teaching. Each workshop takes place over a 90 day period, and provide participants with personalized feedback from dedicated coaches and workshop participants.
Who should enroll?
Each program is open to all K-12 teachers from public, private and charter schools.
What are the requirements?
The basic requirements are simple: all participants must hold a bachelor’s degree, currently be a teacher, have a high-speed internet connection, and the desire and commitment to take the course.
What are the important dates and deadlines?
Please check the course(s) you are interested in for specific dates.
What can I expect?
Unlike traditional online professional development courses, our curriculum is hands-on and collaborative. Most of your time is spent producing work, meaning that you’ll learn concepts and immediately put them into action. The work involves reflecting on your current teaching, applying the strategies in learning projects, and collaborating with peers. Online workshops also include getting feedback from peers and coaches, providing constructive criticism, and publishing your work on your community page.
What's the format?
For each lesson, you’ll learn classroom and personal strategies through a variety of videos and reading. You’ll apply what you have learned through reflective journaling and learning projects.  At the end of each course and workshop, you’ll create a portfolio of work that you can use in your classrooms immediately. Workshop participants will also submit work through our community portal, and receive peer and coach feedback.
What if I have a family or other time commitments?
This is a question we get a lot for our online workshops, since they only last 90 days. Most of our online workshops participants have full-time jobs and busy schedules. We’ve created an intensive timeline that is designed to stretch you and align with your daily work. But it will still be self-paced and manageable given your real-life responsibilities, and you’ll be surrounded by a community that is truly passionate about learning and creating meaningful work.
Enrollment & Tuition
How do I enroll in a course?
For self-paced courses, when the course is available for enrollment you can simply click the ‘ENROLL NOW’ button on the self-paced course you’d like to take. The enrollment form takes about 5 minutes. Online workshop enrollment is by application only. You can apply to the workshop course you’d like to take by clicking the ‘APPLY’ button on the online workshop you’d like to take. The application also only takes about 5 minutes.
What are the requirements to be admitted to a workshop?
We’re seeking teachers from all backgrounds, who share a desire to do teaching that matters and who have shown a willingness to contribute important work. We believe that every teacher we admit to the program will somehow raise the average, producing a community that will provoke, amplify and reward excellent work. We’ve made it difficult to apply, betting that those that stick it out will be precisely the sort of people we’re looking for.
Will I get credit?
Each course (both self-paced and online workshops) is offered for Non-Credit Professional Development and their Texas CPE credit hour equivalent. Some courses are also available for LAUSD Salary Points and 3 Semester Hours of Graduate-Level Credit through our regionally accredited university partners.
What is the difference between credit and non-credit courses?
Credit courses are offered through our regionally accredited university partners. After successful completing the course, you will receive a letter grade and will be able to request and order a transcript directly from the partner institution. Please note that each semester hour of credit requires 15 hours of coursework.

Non-Credit courses have the same requirements for completion but do not receive a transcript and there is no university affiliation for the Non-Credit courses. After completing the course we will send you ‘Certificate of Completion’ acknowledging that you’ve successful completed the 45 hour professional development course.

Which University/College should I choose?
We recommend you review the types of credits, number of credits or courses allowed, and the semester dates per partner institution to determine which is best for your needs. For more information about the university partners, please visit our partners page.
Are these semester hours, quarter hours, or CEUs?
Courses are offered for semester and professional development hours.
Is there a limit to how many courses or credits I may enroll or be graded in per semester?
There is not a limit on how many self-paced courses you can take but we to limit online workshop enrollment to 1 workshop per semester.
How do I know if my school, district, and/or state accepts your courses?
Teachers from all 50 states take our courses, but each school, district, and state governing body has its own set of rules about salary schedules, licensure and re-certification, so we urge you to seek approval before enrolling because the tuition is non-refundable.
What is the cost?
Please see the specific course for pricing information.
What’s included?
All materials are included in the cost of each self-paced course and online workshop. After you complete your registration and pay your tuition we’ll send you everything you’ll need.
Do you offer group discounts?
We offer group, school and district discounts. Click here to learn more.
When is the payment due?
The payment is due when you complete your registration prior to starting the course. We accept all major credit card including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX. If you would like to pay with a purchase order please email us at courses@edpower.co.
Can I apply for a loan deferment for your courses?
Professional development courses do not qualify for student loans or a loan deferment.
Is reimbursement possible?
Some schools do reimburse their teachers for this course. Check with your school to find out if you can get reimbursed.
During the Workshops
How much time do I have to complete a course?
You will have up to 6 months to complete each self-paced course. Each online workshop is 90 days long and designed to last most of the semester. If you need additional time for either, please email us at support@edpower.co.
How many hours of work will be required for a course?
Please see each course for specific time requirements.
How much time can I expect to spend on coursework each day?
All courses and workshops are self-paced, so you can do as much as you like, whenever you like. The average pace for self-paced courses is about 45 minutes per week and about 30 minutes per day for online workshop.
What kind of support do you offer students who are having trouble with the course material?
For self-paced courses, you’ll have access to our team of experts and a 24/7 course discussion board for peer support. Our online workshops are designed to be more collaborative than most online professional development courses. You’ll provide and receive feedback from peers and experts on each project, and have the opportunity to share responses and questions with peers and coaches 24/7 through the course discussion board. Additionally, coaches hold weekly moderated office hours and are available daily for support.
Where do the courses take place and will I have to travel?
All self-paced courses and workshops take place entirely online, and no travel is required.
How is the program structured?
For each lesson, you’ll learn classroom and personal strategies through a variety of videos and reading. You’ll apply what you have learned through reflective journaling and learning projects. You’ll submit your through our community portal and receive peer feedback. At the end of each workshop, you’ll create a portfolio of work that you can use in your classrooms immediately.
What is the usual class size for a workshop?
The class size varies but the Student to Teacher Ratio is 20:1.
How often are courses held?
Online workshops are held only a handful of times each year, the start dates typically corresponding with each semester. Self-paced courses are offered in Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. 
Grading & Additional FAQs
What does the grading process/timeline look like?
You submit all completed work by end of the course. It will take about about 1-2 weeks for your work to be graded. We will send you a letter of completion via email with detailed instructions on how to request your transcripts.
How will I be graded?
Each course typically includes a combination of reading and video assignments, reflective journaling questions, learning activities, and a final project. Online workshops also include peer feedback assignmentsParticipation in all activities and completion of each assignment is required to receive a grade. See the syllabus of each course for specifics and grading rubric.
Can I request an extension?
Life happens. If you need an extension, please let us know ASAP at support@edpower.co and we’ll help find the best solution given your situation.
Do you send out 1098-T forms?
We do not. Make certain to keep your registration receipt for tax purposes.

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