Our Mission

What We Stand For

Our mission is to empower new(ish) educators to not only survive their few first years of teaching but to thrive in their pursuit to better the world. By offering world-class professional development opportunities that are accessible, engaging, and useful we believe that teachers can become more confident, feel more supportive, and have a greater impact on the students and communities they serve. Virtually any teacher with an internet connection and a commitment to self-empowerment through learning can come to EDPOWER, master essential classrom skills, and amplify their impact.

Our Philosophy

Provide a Safe, Risk-Free, and Supportive Experience

Teaching is hard, and our courses help support new teachers transition into the classroom, and experienced educators to hone their craft. It takes talent to teach. Each teacher is effectively the CEO of their classroom. This solo operation can make it difficult to know what is working and what is not. No matter how talented, a teacher cannot find the answers in a book or from an expert, because no one person has all the answers. We believe the answers lie in a supportive experience. Our courses don’t tell teachers ‘you should know this’ or ‘be able to do that’. Instead they challenge them, give them the support, share strategies and techniques, and guide them through an experience that will help them to uncover their best.
Our Vision

Provide Teachers with the additional support and knowledge they need to stay energized

It’s no secret that too many new teachers burn out and leave the profession. We’ve created our workshops to help combat that. Our workshops bring together a self-selecting community of new educators united in a shared goal of uplift and transformation. They include K-12 educators from public, private, and charter schools, and represent all disciplines. Our unique learning model enables them to engage with each other and the EDPOWER team in unprecedented ways. What they find are not only new approaches to help them be more impactful in the classroom, but the additional community and mentorship that each teacher needs to not only survive their first years of teaching, but thrive.
how we got here

Our Story

EDPOWER began as an experiment in online learning to see if we could utilize technology to create a more impactful and useful continuing education experience. As current and former teachers, we felt that traditional forms of continuing education and professional development often fell short of helping to improve our practice.

Conferences were a nice getaway but often left us inspired but uncertain about how to apply the useful things we learned. In-service PD, was hit or miss, and it often felt like we were just being lectured to by someone who had never been in the classroom or hadn’t seen it in decades. Other online continuing education programs were convenient and helped us meet our credit needs, but at the end of the day felt like an exchange of money and time for credit and not much else.

For 2 years, we worked with educators of all experience levels and school types to create a new kind of continuing education experience—one that had the same engaging and collaborative aspects of our favorite college courses, but was accessible and flexible enough for our busy lives, and that would help us meet our salary advancement and recertification needs. Most importantly, we felt this experience must stay true to the original intent of continuing education: to help teachers advance their practice through mastery of in-demand classroom skills that build on the wealth of knowledge that they already have.

EDPOWER proudly offers aspiring new educators from all corners of the US the opportunity to participate in engaging professional development experience and contribute to a generous community of educators seeking to give their best to their students.

Some Of The People Who Trust Us




“An awesome experience and generous group of teachers!”


Elementary School Teacher and Prinicipal

“I wish EDPOWER had been around when I started teaching.”


30+ Year Educator

“EDPOWER has the immediate potential to serve as an impact resource for educators”

Dr. Lozeau

Founder, GPA+ Solutions


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